Monday, April 16, 2007

Im being transferred =(

Well it was kind of surprising to my owner but I have to be transferred. And the other day when we were at the graduation I was crying towrds the end and after the graduation when we all got up to leave I couldnt walk. So they took me back to the vet but none of the vets work on the weekends so I had to wait until today and they looked at me and im just growing and thats what was hurting me. But now I have to be transferred so my other owners wont have me anymore. They are really sad about that. I went back to California on saterday when we where at the graduation. Well I dont think I will be posting anymore so I guess I will ttyl. Bye.

Amber and Velma

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Two of the dogs in our group are graduating and their names are Meryl and Tate. I took Meryl all the time when she came too school. She is my favorite dog. And i didnt work with Tate that much but i did take him a few times. So is anyone else going????