Thursday, November 22, 2007


Well I have had Pantera for the past week in a half. He has been good. We haven't really done anything exciting. When I fined the cord to the camera I will post pictures. Today is Thanksgiving!!!! My sister and her friends came over. And right now we have five dogs in the house till Sunday. Also tomorrow we are going shopping and Pantera is going with us. My friend Natalie might be spending the night tonight and she would go with us tomorrow. And here is the phase report. It's really sad, Cordova got dropped, but she is back and is living with Emily's co-raisers. So here is how they are doing.

Edison 4K77 LAB M 8 No
Torres 442K LAB M 2 No
Vallejo 450K LAB M 2 No

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Phase report and Halloween

Well Halloween was good. I left Pantera home. I didn't really want to take him with me. And when we got back me and my friends watched 1408. It was a pretty good movie. And we got the phase reports and everyone is doing really good. Well I will do a bigger post later.

Cordova 46J3 LGX F 9 No
Edison 4K77 LAB M 6 No
Torres 442K LAB M 1 No
Vallejo 450K LAB M 1 No