Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guide dogs

Yesterday our guide dog group met at a mall in Reno and then we rode the bus downtown. We went though a casino and i did pretty good in there. And we went to a ice skating rink and we watched some people ice skate. And we went and walked along the river and we went across some bridges and i didnt really like the feeling of them at first but i got used to it. My owner took some pictures of me and my doggie friends. Then we went back on the bus and went back to the mall. And everyone ate lunch. While everyone was eatting i had one of my attacks i dont like to be told to lie down sometimes. So they all had to try and get me calm again. But i did get calm and i layed there. Then we went shopping for awhile. And then we left. And i went home with my other owner and the one who has this took Edison home with her. Well that was my day yesterday. I had alot of fun. I will write back soon. bye.

Amber and Velma

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