Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fun Day!!!!!!!!

~!*Cordova in the pool*!~

~!Cordova playing in the pool!~


~Cordova with another dog~


~ Suede sleeping on Cathy's lap~

~Spike and Pantera~

*Chappelle has a bone!*


~!*Virgina, one of Velma's littermates*!~


*Edison and his littermates*

~Velma's littermates~

August 5 2007,
Yesterday we went to fun day. It was a lot of fun. I got to meet Velma's littermates. And we waited for Pantera's brother Pete but he did show up when we were there, but he showed up after we left. But it was a really fun day. And when I were going through the kennels, I saw Emily and Kelseys old puppies, Cordova and Chappelle. So I was really really happy that I got to see them again. So here are some pictures of the day.

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