Monday, January 21, 2008


Sorry its been so long since I've updated. Well Pantera is doing really good. And a while ago me and my friend Tiffany went and hung out with our friends Danny and Alex, and Pantera went with us and he played with Danny's dog for a few minutes, they were running around in the snow (we got a lot of snow). Two Sundays ago we took him to Extreme Make Over Home Edition and the people kicked us out because of the dog. They said no dogs were able to be there. So we left but we went back that Monday and Friday without Pantera and it was a lot of fun. =] I'm getting him back again sometime this week. And next week I might be switching dogs with Emily and I would have Suede and she would have Pantera. But we still don't know for sure yet. And last week I went to the movies with some friends and I saw Kelsey and Emily with Suede and Spike. Edison is in a home training in Arizona. And Torres and Vallejo are both in 5. Nothing else really exciting has happened.

So here is a picture of Pantera and Danny's dog Shelby

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