Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little update

Well Chappelle is back! I was so happy to see him on Monday. Pantera is doing really good. I got his holloween costum but I am not going to tell anyone. Pantera has been going to some of school basketball games, I am the manager so I can take him with me. Cordova is in phase 7, and Edison is in phase 4!!!! So they are doing really good. Also I think I am going to get Pantera back next week. And on Saterday our group is going to Virginia City and Pantera is going but I can't go because I have a basketball tourniment Friday-Saterday. So I will give a bigger update in a few days. And this picture was taken a while ago but I havn't had Pantera for like 2 weeks so I havn't been able to get new pictures.

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