Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well there was no change in the phase report, so I don't think I will post that. And I got Pantera back last Tuesday. And on Tuesday we had a basketball game and he went with me there. On Wensday we had basketball practice and an ice cream party because it was our last practice, so he was there. And then on Thursday we had a basketball tourniment and he went with me there. I also brought his dinner with me because I knew we were going to be there late. He did really good. It was up in Tahoe and while we were there some kids came up to me and first they thought I was blind, and they asked how a blind person could play basketball. And first I told them that I wasn't blind and then I told them that I am also just a manager. And then after I told them that they thought that Pantera was blind and I was guiding him around. And I told them they were wrong and I just walked away, because they just kept going on and on about it. And we were there from 2:30- 9:00. And then we went to Burger king (not my favorite play to go) lol, but thats were our coach told us we were going so we got there and stayed till like 9:45, and we didn't get back to the school till 11:00. We one two games and lost one. And the 7th graders made it all the way to championships. And they had to go into over time, and they lost by one basket. They were all crying, it was really sad. We play against carson middle. So here are some pictures from the Basketball game.

And on Friday nothing really happened. On Saterday we went shopping. And today i'm going to take more pictures so I will post those tonight. So ttyl.

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